Smart supply chain for everyone.

Dealogikal is an online commodity marketplace. We elevate the supply chain by embedding transparency, competition, and automation in the procurement process.

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Dealogikal is an industry-shaking digital marketplace
We equip your business with a competitive selection platform and give you access to cutting edge procurement technology.

Improve Time
and Effort Spent

Signifcant improvement in time and effort spent when placing, monitoring and fulfilling of orders vs. the traditional method.

Create Savings
and Value for Money

With our competitive selection process in place, businesses can get up to 25% savings on every transaction.

Promote Competition
and Transparency

Transact with the best suppliers transparently, every step of the way.

Up to 25% savings

With our competitive selection process, there’s guaranteed savings per transaction.

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Increase your market reach

Access Dealogikal's wide network of carefully vetted buyers.

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Optimized for your business.
Tailored for your needs.

Dealogikal make procurement easy by providing you with the tools and automation to reduce manual work from your end so you can focus on your business.

Charting Tools and Analyses

Our proprietary tool and analyses help you make informed procurement decisions. And they're all free!

Automated Documents

We’re fully automated and digital. From Purchase Orders, Sales Invoice, to Delivery Receipts.

Why use Dealogikal now?
  • Guarateed savings on every transaction
  • 80% faster compared to the traditional procurement process
  • And Fully Digital. Place orders anytime, anywhere.
  • Get equal opportunity on every order
  • Access to quality network of buyers
  • Fully Digital. Close deals anytime, anywhere.
What our clients say about us

.. it made my procurement process easy and efficient

Ever since I started using Dealogikal, it made my procurement process easy and efficient. Thus far is where we can get the cheapest price at its utmost quality for our fuel needs. Easy procurement process, On time Custom location delivery to our Four different locations here in Cebu and and affordable Trade finance Solutions. Highly Recommended!

Janice Alia, EB Aznar Shipping Lines Inc.

Dealogikal had always been a big help for us...

Dealogikal had always been a big help for us especially to me in purchasing medical items because right now I don't have to call each one of our suppliers then asked individually if they still have available stocks or if they can deliver with the said date. I've seen how the suppliers compete for our order to give their best prices while others gave their best with their available stocks. It's easier because you can see all the prices from different suppliers in just one view. With Dealogikal, I can focus more with my other priorities and this lessens my workload as a purchaser.

Riza Libarios, Allegiant Regional Care Hospitals, Inc.

Very Efficient and Great!

Very Efficient and Great! I saved time and money using Dealogikal! Platform is user friendly and the staff are very accommodating and responsive on the concerned matters. It definitely fulfills the intended service and will probably endorse for future undertakings.

Maria Paz Tabarina, Tagaytay Medical Center

It provides systematic bidding process conveniently

Your platform Dealogikal is great. It provides systematic bidding process conveniently. Highly recommend the platform.

Eric Rubilla, PTT Philippines Corporation

Dealogikal has a big impact to my business.

Dealogikal has a big impact to my business. Ever since I dropped out from my existing contract, Dealogikal was there to support my stock requirement. My margin is now higher and my business is more profitable than before. Most of the time, our gas station is the lowest among the competitors here in Cordova.

Alan Tiro, GAT Gas Station

Dealogikal is a very big help for our company.

Dealogikal is a very big help for our company. As a purchaser, I’ve seen how suppliers are so competitive for my order and unlike our old supplier. Dealogikal ensures the delivery on time or earlier which is one of the important factor so that our operations will not be affected, that’s why they gain our trust as a user.

Margie Amores, CK Builders Construction and Development Corp.

My experience in Dealogikal is very smooth...

My experience in Dealogikal is very smooth from demonstration to onboarding down to actual purchasing. The team is very approaching and has patience in educating me on how to use the platform. All documents needed was complied especially during the supplier accreditation and on the delivery requirement and protocols.

Arnold Ygusquiza, Publicly-listed Power Plant

Dealogikal's bidding platform saves us a lot of time...

The team at Dealogikal are quite easy to deal with. They are professional and very helpful when some things need to be clarified. Dealogikal’s bidding platform saves us a lot of time and helps avoid back and forth negotiations with the end user. We gain access to more opportunities and it helps save time in client negotiations.

Bobby Disini, Promocentral Inc.

it's all in one place

Easy transactions, I can get a lot more orders closed kase (because) it's all in one place.

Raquel Balansag, Knottical Power Energy Corporation
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Dealogikal Whitepaper

Introduction of Dealogikal's competitive selection process provides the true essence of a transparent marketplace.

Re-imagining the marketplace would require significant understanding of how traditional methods were used, it's impact on both the buyer or the seller, steps in the process that are absolutely necessary, available technology that is presently used, and how it is making a difference on the supply chain process.

The team from Dealogikal took this opportunity to deep dive into the realities and pain points that exist on the supply chain even with the existing technology available.

Dealogikal Whitepaper