Dealogikal revolutionizes how commodity procurement works through digital transformation and automation.

Commodity procurement made easy.

An Industry-Shaking Digital Platform

Dealogikal simplifies procurement through Competitive Selection and Automation.

When you sign-up with Dealogikal, you become part of a community of carefully vetted buyers and sellers working to give businesses optimal selection, best pricing and more transaction flow. With Dealogikal, businesses that use commodities now have a platform where they can scale their operations across geographies, locally and internationally.

Improve Efficiency

Signifcant improvement in terms of time and effort spent when placing, monitoring and fulfilling of orders vs. the traditional method.

Save up to 25%

With the competitive selection process in place, there's a guarantee of up to 25% savings on every transaction.

Competition & Transparency

We are providing businesses with a purely competitive marketplace where demand is met by the best suppliers.

Grow your Market Reach

Access Dealogikal's wide variety of vetted companies depending on your commodity needs.

We can help your business get the best prices in the market.


Set Order Details & Auction Time

Creating an order is as simple as setting up your alarm clock. We made sure that you can put in your orders in less than a minute.


Submit your Orders in the platform.

All orders are vetted by our Market Makers to ensure validity and within the capabilities of the sellers in our network.


Get Notified on Seller Offers

Orders are disseminated to relative suppliers. These suppliers are vetted during registration to ensure legitimacy and quality.


Choose the Best Offer

We will show all seller offers in an organized and structured bulletin board so you can compare prices easily.

Automated Documents

From P.O. to Sales Invoice

Faster Transaction

80% faster than Traditional

Real-time Marketplace

Active Order Notifications

Access to Technology

Digital Transformation

How Dealogikal Can Help

For our Partners
Let us help you grow. Increase your market reach.
Looking for another sales channel? Through Dealogikal, access a wide variety of industries from different geographies that are dependent on your commodity – with ease.
Close deals within Dealogikal through our fully digital, community driven marketplace.
Packed with features that aims to help businesses within the platform to make the right decision on every transaction.
Dealogikal will take the commodity marketplace to the future and aims to be the standard of transparent, efficient and optimal way of doing business.